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Pipe Curbs

Pipe Curbs
  • Pipe Box Assembly Curbs all types C-26
  • Pipe Curb with pipe boots Type DPC C-27
  • Pipe Curb with welded collar Type PCC C-27-1
Submittal No. (click to download pdf)

  • Pipe flashing curbs in several styles
  • Pipe Box Assembly Curb offered in 3 curb styles features insulated
  • 18 ga. Galvanized steel roof curb topped by 20 ga. Galv. steel insulated pipe box
  • Curb and Pipe Box priced separately but provided as Pipe Box Assembly Curb
  • Pipe Flashing curb features standard curb in any style with 20 ga. Galvanized
  • Flashing cap secured to wood nailer and supplied with silicone pipe flashings to match pipe size
  • Available in any curb style